Math Drawing Time Is Students’ Reward

I learned at a PD on classroom management a few years back that the thing that most students prize is their time. So a good tool to use in management of the class is to sell them time.  But then there has to be a reward toward which they are striving when they amass the correct amount of time.  At first I showed movies I knew they liked, but I felt this was a waste of time even though they had earned the time by not wasting it in class.  Finally, after racking my brain I came up with a project that didn’t waste time, was educational, was fun, and was something the students could take pride in — a Math Drawing.  It was a success!  It did everything I hoped it would do.  It pulled the students in.  Since I gave them project points for the correct finished product, it brought some of them back from their failing grade.   It gave them hope.  For some of them, it was the first good grade they’d ever gotten in a math class.  Now I had to get busy and create more Math Drawings.

You might find the same is true of your students — offering them Math Drawing time in class is an incentive to not dawdle and waste time!