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“Math Drawings” creator, Mary Smale, has been a math and art instructor in the Los Angeles area for more than 35 years. She was featured on the popular television show Homework Hotline (on KLCS, a PBS station in Los Angeles) where she donned funny costumes and presented math as it may have been experienced by weird or wonderful characters from history, literature, the news and movies. Such notables as Julius Caesar’s mother-in-law, Jackie Chan’s grandmother, Jack’s mother from “Jack and the Beanstalk,” a fading rock star, a stressed- out telemarketer, a goofy geologist, an inept caterer, a frustrated teacher, and Whistlers Mother from the famous portrait by James Whistler, were among her most popular characters. But audience response soared whenever she taught with her Math Drawings –so much so that eventually her fellow teachers urged her to compile all the drawings and instructions into this book. She is a mother, grandmother, and is the widow of the renowned jazz pianist and music arranger, Bob Smale, who was and is a pianist on the Lawrence Welk TV show, which is one of the longest continuous-running TV shows in the world – 61 years and counting. Her book, Math Drawings: Good Stuff for Teachers, Parents, and Students, is in its Fifth Edition. She lives in the San Fernando Valley and continues to teach, draw, and write.

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