Avoidance is the Best form of self-defense!

Avoidance is the highest form of self-defense.  Recognizing then heeding the warnings, is next.  If you walked away unscathed from a potentially explosive situation, then your avoidance defense was successful.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up!  I was getting a warning.  But at first, I did what most people do at a time like that —I tried to ignore it.  But something made me still worry over the strangeness of the man’s attentions, especially when he began making eye contact with another man who was standing outside looking through the big windows of the market.  Finally, I devised a scenario just in case I was their target.  I prayed, put my purse and groceries in my left hand, and the keys and the attached mace canister in my right.  When the market doors sprang open I prayed again, took a calming breath then quickly walked to my car, opened the trunk, threw everything in, slammed the lid, and then whirled around to face the man who was, by then, barreling down on me.  With my finger on the mace trigger, I forced a “got cha” smile on my face.  In retrospect, I concluded it was the smile that caused what happened next to happen.  The man froze, his eyes widened in panic.  He began snapping his head back and forth wildly scanning the parking lot, then he spun around and charged back across the parking lot nearly colliding with his accomplice who did the same — scanned the lot in panic, then charged off but in the opposite direction.  I climbed in my car, still shaking, and drove home.  The avoidance scenario had worked thanks to the prayers and warnings.

I never figured out how they found out about the money I was carrying though — it had been in my purse a grand total of 15 minutes from the time I left the bank with it, till I exited the market.  I did notice, however , an abrupt turnover of the bank’s personnel shortly thereafter.